• All coaches, assistant coaches, parents, and legal guardians expected to take the CDC on-line training course for youth sports (link below)


  • All Bantam level players and above expected to review the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER at the link below

  • The links below will provide additional educational material




  • All Bantam level players and above expected to take a baseline IMPACT TEST. Only one test needs to be done as a baseline. Any of the two links below can be used and they are at no cost to the player.

Link to Overlook Hospital’s Atlantic Neuroscience Concussion Center testing with instructions

ID – 9576859099

  • All players suspected of having a concussion will be removed from play immediately
  • All players who have sustained a concussion will need medical clearance prior to resuming activity
  • The Coach will have final discretion on whether athlete will participate in activities

Please note that Morristown Medical Center is no longer offering FREE baseline iMPACT testing for our organization.