If you are taking your team to Canada for either tournaments or games, you must do the following.  Managers must request a Foreign Travel Permit from Kathy Branchina for the team.  Parents, all players are required to have a current USA Passport (or appropriate passport from country of orgin).

If any player is traveling out of country with just ONE parent OR another family, the single parent/host family must have a formal notarized letter from the parent/guardian or record, giving permission for that child to travel with teh single parent or host family, out of the country!  (Families may write up their own letters or consult with a family attorney) The letter should give permission to act “medically,” should a player sustain an injury.  Please note: The NJC does not provide these letters.

For information on obtaining passports – click here

Contact: kbranchina@comcast.net

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